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Union Baseball Systems' baseball training facility in San Diego.


Our Baseball Training Philosophy


At Union Baseball Systems, we believe baseball training and development is a long-term, holistic process that blends developing athletic ability, movement, and strength alongside skill. We believe in having a data-driven plan, setting goals, and consistently putting in the work on and off the field is the best way to get better.


We tightly integrate our baseball-specific strength and conditioning working with our skill work, simultaneously targeting better on-field performance in the weightroom and the cage. And we equip players with actionable advice on nutrition and recovery methods – because when it comes to long-term, sustainable player development, what you do off the field is just as important as what you do on it.




Our Process


A player receiving personalized quality baseball instruction at UBS.


Assessment and Testing

After you have purchased a membership, the first thing we will do is schedule an assessment day. This will involve movement screening, athletic testing, and baseball-specific testing.


Personalized Development Plan

Based off your test and video analysis, our staff will provide a comprehensive assessment and mechanical breakdown that is yours to keep. Based off this report, we will set individual goals and program the initial months of your training program based on your unique player traits so you can hit the ground running.

A player using baseball training technology at UBS.
Youth baseball player doing baseball specific strength and conditioning.



This is where you come in. There is no substitute for hard work so we want to make your training as seamless as possible so you can focus on getting after it. Our software allows you to schedule the time slot you want and restricts the amount of people that can be in the gym at the same time, assuring you will be with a manageable group. We overstaff our gym to ensure player safety, personalize attention, and make sure you’re always training under the guidance of a trained professional.

If you show up consistently, put in the work with intensity, and follow the program, you are going to be happy with the results.


Retest, Reassess, and Repeat

Depending on the age and training experience of the athlete, we will retest our athletes on a regular basis. This brings full transparency to your development – showing you exactly when and how you improved while equipping us with additional data to update your player development plan. Once you reach your goals, we will set new, higher goals, with the purpose of helping you become the best baseball player you can be.

Pitching training drill at UBS in San Diego
Book youth baseball training and development with UBS.

Learn About Elite Development Memberships

Ready to take your game to the level? Talk to one of our staff members about the right membership for your player.

Our Values

Union Baseball Systems is a value-driven organization that believes in a thoughtful, well-balanced approach to player development. Upholding and embodying these values ensures the best outcomes for our players.

Be Good Humans

We treat players how we’d want our kids to be treated and how we wish we were treated at their age.

Honesty Over Fluff 

We’re fully transparent with our players and their parents about our limitations and what we know and what we don’t know. 

Embrace Growth

The goal is to always be getting better. Success and failure are just steppingstones to growth – we’ll support you and help you learn and improve through both.

We’re in this for sustainable growth for our players instead of pumping short-term play results.

Focus on Long-Term

We aspire to be positive force in the community even if it doesn’t affect the bottom line. 

Be Helpful 

Value Substance

We focus on transparency and on-field results instead of being combative or flashy.

Inspire to Be Better

We show players the path to the pros, college ball, etc. by surrounding them with people who’ve done it and embodying the mindsets required to succeed at the next level.

About Our Logo

A Dedication to Rick Froberg

San Diego icon Rick Froberg designed the logo for Union Baseball Systems.
Union Baseball Systems Logo

Our logo was designed by Rick Froberg, who was a musician, visual artist, and San Diego icon. Sadly, Rick passed on June 30, 2023 – but we cherish the artwork he created on behalf of UBS.

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