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Baseball player in the UBS Baseball Hitting Training & Development Program.

Hitting Training & Development

Our Hitting Training Philosophy

are two of the most predictive metrics for elite hitters at the highest levels of baseball.




We’ll help you improve these metrics and become more productive at the plate by fine-tuning your mechanical efficiency, timing, mindset, and approach, creating an individualized player plan that combines optimal movements with strength training to maximize your unique abilities.

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Youth baseball player doing baseball hitting drills



Unlike pitching, there are a lot more variables to deal with when it comes to being an elite hitter. Union Baseball System incorporates the most progressive baseball hitting training methods and styles to increase your outputs in the box.

  • Overload/Underload Bats

  • Driveline Training Balls

  • Detailed Video Analysis

  • Water Bags

  • Rapsodo Technology

  • Hack Attack Pitching Machines

Coaches analyze metrics on UBS baseball training technology.

Become a Powerful, Productive Hitter

Improve Swing Mechanics

It all starts with a good swing. Bat speed, bat-to-ball contact, ball flight metrics, and power can all be improved with more efficient mechanics. Through consistent, individualized drill work and strength training, we improve each athlete’s swing mechanics from the ground up.

San Diego baseball player practicing his swing mechanics.
A player doing a baseball strength and conditioning exercise.

Improve Bat Speed

Higher exit velocity gives you a better chance to get on base and drive in runs. Increase your bat speed with better mechanics, high intent practice, and strength training in our gym.

Develop Your In-Game Approach

The best hitters have a solid plan of attack during each at bat. Our instructors help you develop a sound approach to make better swings through the ups and downs of life as a hitter.

A view of the indoor batting practice area at Union Baseball Systems.

Learn About Elite Development Memberships

Ready to take your game to the level? Talk to one of our staff members about the right membership for your player.

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