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Player doing baseball strength and conditioning program.

Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning Philosophy

Unlike other baseball training facilities in San Diego, at UBS athletes are given as much as they need, not as much as they can do.


We believe in taking a balanced, long-term view of athletic development. Instead of chasing vanity metrics or taking unnecessary risks, we focus on giving athletes the lowest dose that makes the biggest impact to on-field performance.

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A baseball player receiving quality baseball instruction at UBS.

Safe, Sustainable, 


Overloading volume and/or intensity leads to poor on-field performance, burnout, or even injury. We avoid that by ensuring that each athlete progresses at a pace that is best for him/her based around their experience, age, and game and practice schedule.


Our focus is on persistent and organic development that can be sustained and adapted over a long period of time. Our gym is always overstaffed – to ensure player safety and provide proper guidance on movement, form, safety, and the development of healthy off-field habits and nutrition.

San Diego Baseball Training Facility

Increase Your Confidence  On and Off the Field


Strength is the bedrock of athleticism. Increasing your strength increases your ability to produce power and speed – that’s the name of the game in any sport. Spend a few months in the weight room, and you’ll also see your confidence grow on and off the field.

San Diego baseball player doing weight training exercise.

Sport Specific

As rotational and overhead throwing sports, baseball and softball require a unique style of training. Power and strength must be developed in the proper ways to transfer to the sport and reduce the chance of injury.

Baseball player development exercise.


Whether you need more range of motion or simply need to be strong in the ranges you have, we take the body through movements that translate to better baseball performance.

Union Baseball Systems providing personalized baseball conditioning and movement instruction.

Learn About Elite Development Memberships

Ready to take your game to the level? Talk to one of our staff members about the right membership for your player.

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